lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

My Santiago!

Hello my friends, today I will write about Santiago! I think the vision of the city depend absolutely of the culture and the experience of everyone. For this reason I watch the city of a different way than my friends who live there.

All my life I live in Paine, a small city located to 40 kilometers from Santiago. The first time when I was started to travel to Santiago every day was in 2008, when I was 19 years old, that is to say, just 4 years ago I have a real contact with Santiago.
Of the few things I like to Santiago are the diversity of people, the many things you have to do, and some places for visit related to culture and entertainment. Maybe I cities like Paine, you don’t find places and things like here in Santiago, but that kind of small cities have something special there I love it, some magical and peaceful.

Some things I dislike about Santiago are the noise produced for the great lots of cars and public transport. Related to the cars, public transport and industry I hate the pollution present in Santiago. In many opportunities when I come back to my home, I had an unpleasant head ache produced by the pollution I think. Another thing I dislike about Santiago is the few places with parks and squares. Maybe because I was rise on the country love the places with grass and trees.

Some things I would like to change about Santiago are the attitude of the people. Maybe referent to the mood. I really like a Santiago more happier. Another thing I would like to change was the quantity of cars, replacing cars by bikes.

If a visitor ask me about what visit in Santiago, I will tell about Santa Lucia and San Cristobal hills, maybe he can visit “La Piojera” and all the museum on the city. And Absolutely I will to invite to my dear Paine :P

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  1. It's good to see your photo, i forget to talk about that in my blog entry XD.

  2. You live in Paine this is outside Santiago, but I think your opinion about Santiago is good.

  3. I'd like Santiago more if there were more green areas. It is a very dry city at times.

  4. jajajaja pffff Paine is not a big city like Maipu, it's a beautiful city ! jajaa xD