lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Jon Bon Jovi - Please come home for Christmas

Favourite English Christmas Song

My Christmas!!!

Hello my friends, in this special opportunity I will write about an especial date, about an event that paralyze the entire world! Today I will write about the Christmas, my Christmas!!!

This year I spent my Christmas on my house with my parents and one of my brothers, his wife and my three cousins.

My Christmas begin the Saturday 24 of this month, on the morning, when my mom wake me up for wrap many presents for my brothers and my cousins. The entire day I wrap many kinds of presents (included my presents). In particular this 24 I work a little in a work for the university hahahahha but just a little.

Meanwhile I wrap the presents; my mom and daddy prepare and cook the Christmas dinner. In this opportunity the dinner it was a delicious chicken with many class of salads. For drink there was soda, wine, juice and pisco sour.

After ate, we spoke about many familiar memories, laughing about my anecdotes and my brother histories, meanwhile my cousins try to see how many presents are for them.
When was the 12 o’clock I start to distribute the presents. I love the face of my cousins when received the present they are waiting for.

Well, in a few words, a like Christmas because a like to share with my family and because I love the happiness of my cousins in this date.

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Like my dear English teacher Simon, I’m a not big fan of the beach! I prefer visit landscapes related to mountain, but definitely my favorite beach is “Playa La Virgen” or “The Virgin Beach” in English.

Sadly I visit this beach just two times in the same summer. But with just two visits it was necessary for turn into my favorite beach.
That visits it was on summer 2009, in the holydays with my entire family! That summer we load our baggage on the car and we start our travel to Bahia Inglesa. After many hours of travel we arrive, and in that place someone talk to us about a beautiful and magic beach called “Playa La Virgen”. To the next day all we went to “Playa la Virgen”.

When arrive to the beach, the first thing I do, it was swim in its warms waters! The entire afternoon I played with my nephews and my brother on the sand.
For get to this beach, you must be travel from Bahia Inglesa for the coast to the south jus t thirty kilometers.

I like this beach because is located in a beautiful desert landscape, the water have a great temperature and because is a beach whit no much lot of people.
Beyond all doubt I hope to return to this magic and beautiful beach, with another people, because places so attractive like this deserve to be share.
From this moment if you pretend visit the Atacama Region. “Playa La Virgen” must be one of yours tourist destination.

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

My Outdoor Activity !!!

Hello my friends, today i will speak about an activity i like to do in my free times! Normally I do this activity every weekend I can do, if my time and the university works, especially the English works! Let me. This activity is ride long distances on my bike!
Usually, in the Saturday morning I prepare my bike, my water and something to eat! I check the route and begin the adventure! I like to go to the Aculeo lake, that place is located to twenty kilometers of my house that is I run forty kilometers in total. Another place where I like to go it’s a place called Escorial Lake, I like that place because is located between big hills. When I go to places with hills I like descending trough the slopes. Usually when I do those things I fall off my bike.
I like this activity because I can do some of exercise, and because I love the feeling of the wind touching my face, feel the adrenalin when I go down a slope at high speed and especially for the contact with the nature and the landscape!
I ride bike all my live, but I started to travel big distances and descending slopes just a few months ago, thank to my brother and my cousin. My cousin competes professionally a long time ago.
Well, I hope you liked my outdoor activity, and from this moment all of you are invited to come to my homeland for cycling and travel the beautiful places near to my house!

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

One to One with Don Ramón!

Hello my dear’s bloggers, today I will write about a fictitious conversation between me and the famous character of the Mexican tv show “El Chavo del 8”, the amazing Don Ramon.

This character was performed by the Mexican actor Ramon Valdés. This character it was very funny and to make happy all my childhood. If I have to give a “why” I choose this person, maybe the reason are for his sympathy and humbleness, and of course the capacity to avoid year of tax.
I imagine this conversation on the tenement house, drinking a beer, speaking about the life, soccer and ladies! With Chavo del 8, Quico and Chilindrina played around us.

Three things I like to ask him would:

How to do it? How avoid so many years of tax?

Why do you stand the constant hits of Doña Florinda?

Do you think sometimes to adopt to the Chavo del 8?

I know this conversation is just a dream! Because sadly Don Ramon are talking with god now, telling his histories and adventures. But I know some day he will tell me about his life, and he will answer me all the questions I have.

A Memorably Journey to the Rock!

Hello my friends! the las time when i wrote something in my blog it was a long time ago! Today i will write about a memorably journey, a journey realized this year, about 8 months ago! The destiny of this journey it was the Bio Bio region.
The history of this journey it was born when my favourite rock band, called La Renga announced a concert in Talcahuano city, after 2 years approximately of absence in the chilean scenaries.
When I knew about this great news, i bought my ticket with 6 friends more and we started to plan our trip with 3 months of anticipation.
When the day came, after of my class here in FAU, i run to the central station to come together with my friends to start the trip to the south. We pick the bus on the Friday night and arrived to Concepcion on the Saturday morning. That day we knew the Concepcion University and a beautiful park whith amazing dinosaurs! After that, we went to the center of the city and we knew the Alto Río ruins. Near to midday we start the trip to Talcahuano City, place when we knew the Huascar and the Turtle.
Near to eight o clock we arrived to the turtle of Talcahuano, to enjoyed of this great show. The main band is start to played at ten o clokc. The madness and adrenalin invaded the entire place and that nigth was unforgettable to me and the thousands souls hungries of rock
At next day we go back to Santiago, very tired, but feeling the freedom to bring me La Renga's rock and the satisfaction of a memorably journey