lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

My Second time in Coquimbo.

My best holidays in many time are the holidays of the summer of 2008, when with all my family, this is to say, my parents, my three brothers and his wife’s, and the more exiting ,all my nephews, this to say 4 little’s boys!!!

All begun in the first weekend of December 2008, when in a dinner with the family emerge the idea of travel to Coquimbo, land of pirates, for celebrate the Christmas and the end of the year.

Without any doubt all accept the idea and all accommodate our schedule. We arrive on December 24 to Coquimbo for looking for a house where to stay. Finally we found a beautiful and big house near to the beach. From that moment begun the funny! Because all my nephews start to assemble the Christmas tree, waiting the visit of Santa Claus!! That day, like all the years I had to turn into Santa, for keep the magic live in my nephews!

The days after Christmas were so funny! We are visit all the beaches of the zone and we travel to Elqui Valley for know the Gabriela Mistral Museum in Vicuña and the Gabriela Mistral Grave in Monte Grande! As well we visited a observatory called Mamalluca, where all we can watch the stars!

In December 31 we made a barbecue for celebrate the arrive of the New Year, after eat, all we went to Peñuela’s Beach for wait the fireworks! Was beautiful!! The entire bay illuminated by the fireworks! Almost 13 kilometers of fireworks!
After of the New Year night we stay other week enjoyed the beautiful of the zone! Well I can said!! I love the Coquimbo Region!!!

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Presentation!!!!! =D

Well my dear friends!!!! My dear bloggers… today I will Hill speak about the presentation realized the past Monday in the English class in front all my classmates and in front of the great Simon!!!!!!!

The past Monday I spoke about my hobbies, like all remember, I spoke about my band during the years 2007 and 2008! The sensation when I was in front of the classmates and Simon is was very difficult to explain, because in some moments I feel that the public is not interested in what I say or maybe they are nervious for their own presentations. But in other moments in the presentation I feel that the public is interested in my hobbies.

In the moment when Simon said my name for go on to start my presentation, inside me is said: Not now Simon pliss!!!!! Jajjaa I am not ready! But like a good student I go on to spoke to my hobbie!

Make my presentation in second place of the class is was beneficial and stressful, beneficial because the nerves only last the time of the presentation, because for example, the last classmates in make his presentation was nervous for many time. Well and stressful because the sensation of to be the second in the class!!!!!!

I think this kind of presentation are very good for us! Because help for improve our pronunciation and cause us to lose fear to speak in English in front of the people!

Well my blogger until the next post!!!!!! Bye!

lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

La Renga!!!!!!

Hello all my friends! My dear bloggers! Today I will spoke about argentine hard rock band called La Renga! This band is born on 1988 in the Matadero Neighborhood in Buenos Aires the capital of the Republic Argentina. In the actuality is one of the most famous bands of the country with many people in the live shows.

The members of the band are in the voice and guitar Gustavo “Chizo” Napoli, in bass guitar Gabriel “Tete” Iglesias, in drums and percussions Jorge “Tanque” Iglesias and Manuel “Manu” Varela in Saxophone, harmonica, rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals.
The first Album of the band is called “Esquivando Charcos” in 1991, the first album have 1000 copies record for the own band. After that album "Locura" Dilelio decided to leave the band for personal problems.

The second album is called “A donde me lleva la vida”, “Despedazados por mil partes”is the third album of the band, the better album according to the fans, it bring to us classic of the band like “El Final es en donde Partí”, “La Balada del Diablo y la Muerte”, “Lo Frágil de la Locura” and “Hablando de la Libertad” .
The album "of the star" or simply “La Renga” is the fourth discs. This album is edited in 1998 and sold 2.000.000 copies in the first week. The next Album is called “La Esquina Del Infinito” edited in 2000 sold 800.000 copies.

“Detonador de Sueños” was the next Album of the band edited in 2003 and sold 3.000.000 copies. Finally the last album is called “Truenotierra” edited in 2006. Also the band have 3 live Albums called “Bailando en una Pata” recorded in 1994, “Insoportablemente Vivo” recorded in 2001 and “En el Ojo del Huracán” in 2004.

In the Actuality the band make a new album.

lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

The boring in ah physic class!!!

The photography I like very much, because represents the good humor and one of the good moments we have been in the university. The photography is taken the last year, in the first semester in a boring physic class when Ignacio and I borrowed our heads for our beautiful friends: Isabel Rodriguez, Maria José Mesa and Daniela Villalobos. They and her talents let our heads with funnies and strangers hairstyles. All is happened in the inside of the class room in a little break.

The photography was taken for Isabel with her cell phone after of laugh for a long time. My hairstyles are like some “Emo Style” and Ignacio is like some a “Chilindrina Style”. Today the boring is not so big for do things like that, and my hair is do not have the length enough for a hairstyle like that but always we found the way to do something funny, either inside the university or out the FAU.

I think a take a photography is very important for remember some things like that, normally I forget this things but thanks to the technology I can save this memories for a long time, and in the future to share this experience with my children’s.

lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

A country you would like to visit!!!!

I would like many countries in the world, different in any ways, such as culture, morphology and people. For example y would like to visit countries like Russia, China, Morocco, England and more.

Wherever, from when I was a child one of my dreams are visit the beautiful and magic country of Greece. The reason of my interest for visit that country is just for one reason, the magnificent of the ancient ruins and the important of the Greek legacy.

In Greece I would like to do many things, like to know cultures different to my culture, taste the local food, but my main interest is to visit many places like the Knossos Palace in Creta, the National Archeological Museum in Athens, The Hydra island, the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon and some of the beautiful beaches of that magic country.

I think it would be an interesting place to visit because is a land full of history and magic, where the origins of ours societies are in any ruins in Greece.

In some aspect Greece is different to Chile, for example in a topic like the history, like we all know, the history of the development of Greece is not only important for that country, but also for all world! Anywhere, I love My Country!!!

lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

My favorite place in Chile!

I lived 8 years in Temuco, or rather the region of Araucania located nearly 700 km of Santiago this region is very beautiful and varied landscapesits (Sp) great forests and its incredible volcanoes and lakes are places which I had the opportunity to visit while I was (P) that I live in Santiago (WF) I can appreciate the beauty and purity of the region and enjoy the tranquility of the (P) a very rainy and cold, and that I do not like. And(P) not very nice people(WF) I think it's because there are many Mapuche and many of them are very ignorant because they have no education, what good is that their children (WF) try to be different and study at universities to be professional.anyway(P) is a beautiful place to live.

Review and Revise of The Quiet Place Blog.

The Quiet Place is Felipe Garrido’s Blog; in this blog we can find nine posts about different topics, such as his hobbies, his favourite movie, his favourite place in Chile and one post about the earthquake also some videos of good music. The blog has four photos and three videos; the better of the videos is one relationship of Tenacious D movie. In any post the average of the comments are 3.

The Quiet Place Blog has a sober design, in where the black color predominates in the back ground. The letters of the comments are red and the letters of the post are white, in my opinion a good combination.

My first impression of the blog is: oh! This blog is the blog of a fan of the metal! The Quiet Place Blog is a very good space for any people who love the good metal and the good topics.