lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Like my dear English teacher Simon, I’m a not big fan of the beach! I prefer visit landscapes related to mountain, but definitely my favorite beach is “Playa La Virgen” or “The Virgin Beach” in English.

Sadly I visit this beach just two times in the same summer. But with just two visits it was necessary for turn into my favorite beach.
That visits it was on summer 2009, in the holydays with my entire family! That summer we load our baggage on the car and we start our travel to Bahia Inglesa. After many hours of travel we arrive, and in that place someone talk to us about a beautiful and magic beach called “Playa La Virgen”. To the next day all we went to “Playa la Virgen”.

When arrive to the beach, the first thing I do, it was swim in its warms waters! The entire afternoon I played with my nephews and my brother on the sand.
For get to this beach, you must be travel from Bahia Inglesa for the coast to the south jus t thirty kilometers.

I like this beach because is located in a beautiful desert landscape, the water have a great temperature and because is a beach whit no much lot of people.
Beyond all doubt I hope to return to this magic and beautiful beach, with another people, because places so attractive like this deserve to be share.
From this moment if you pretend visit the Atacama Region. “Playa La Virgen” must be one of yours tourist destination.

4 comentarios:

  1. it's a beautiful beach! I haver never been in La Virgen, but I would really like to visit it!

    see you behind me diego! jajaja

  2. you are sick poor man
    but the beach seems beautiful!!

  3. Your beach buuuu!! is better Totoralillo :D ajajajajaja it's joke, is beautiful this beach!

  4. I don't know the beach, but I want to know it!