domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

My Outdoor Activity !!!

Hello my friends, today i will speak about an activity i like to do in my free times! Normally I do this activity every weekend I can do, if my time and the university works, especially the English works! Let me. This activity is ride long distances on my bike!
Usually, in the Saturday morning I prepare my bike, my water and something to eat! I check the route and begin the adventure! I like to go to the Aculeo lake, that place is located to twenty kilometers of my house that is I run forty kilometers in total. Another place where I like to go it’s a place called Escorial Lake, I like that place because is located between big hills. When I go to places with hills I like descending trough the slopes. Usually when I do those things I fall off my bike.
I like this activity because I can do some of exercise, and because I love the feeling of the wind touching my face, feel the adrenalin when I go down a slope at high speed and especially for the contact with the nature and the landscape!
I ride bike all my live, but I started to travel big distances and descending slopes just a few months ago, thank to my brother and my cousin. My cousin competes professionally a long time ago.
Well, I hope you liked my outdoor activity, and from this moment all of you are invited to come to my homeland for cycling and travel the beautiful places near to my house!

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  1. Hello, Hello!
    The cycling is great, are you agree? I enjoy this activity too, I think that the people that practice this activity have some freedom incorporated on their personalities, or some similar thing, so... nothing, greetings! =)

  2. I like cycling but I prefer doing it on flat ground!!